Kare no Aijou no Hakari Chapter 2 & Color (Pilot) Part 2

Hello, happy people!

Well. I hope you are happy always. If you’re not happy, then go read 9gag. It is sure to crack you up. One does not simply read 9gag without relating to some of the posts posted up there.


I got two releases today. Yey.

  • Kare no Aijou no Hakari Chapter 2 – I didn’t realised this is shounen ai till after I typesetted Chapter 1. But anyway, yeah, it’s shounen ai and it’s a pretty good one though it’s a little short. One more chapter and we are done with the series.
  • Color (Pilot) Part 2 – Part 2 to the pilot and then we will go into the series proper.

Oops. I am supposed to summarise each chapter but I’m lazy like that so please help yourself and download the chapters. Links are up above as usual. Enjoy!

(p/s-If all goes well, be prepared for a mega release for Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji. That’s it…if my editor doesn’t run away screaming that I am a slave driver. But it’s her idea not mine, just to let you know that I am no slave driver. I’m very nice XD. Stay tuned!)

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