Updates on Junjou Drop, and OSTKO Drama CD!

Hi! Sorry I haven’t had the time to update the status of our dropped projects, as well as reply all your e-mails!

Thanks so very much for showing interest in our projects! It’s heartening to see so many requests for retranslation and taking over our dropped projects.

That said, we now have Dazzling Scans who will be taking over Junjou Drops by Nakahara Aya.

I’m still getting around replying the e-mails, so please pardon me if I take some time to get back to you!

On another note, what kind of Kyouya fangirl would Michi be if she didn’t fangirl in every post? A bad one.

So ta-daa!  

Oh Kyoutan, don't stare at me with those eyes. ;u;

Oh Kyoutan, don’t stare at me with those eyes. ;u;

I got my hands on the Drama CD with Volume 6 haha! (literally lol!)
I must say it’s a pretty darn good Drama CD! The cast, whom I love, is perfect! Darn. They should just turn it into an anime hahaha.

Wondering if I should upload the translated versions of the CD, as I really don’t want to infringe copyrights. I also want to get everyone to support Hatta Ayuko-sensei, who is SUPER nice btw. She’s replied a couple of my tweets already, and she’s humorous as ever. 🙂

Okay, enough shameless promotion! Let me know what you think (and if you’ve bought it! Kyouya says: Buy me. You know you want to.)

P.S. I actually realize I’m quite OCD… Keep going back to edit my posts. lol! Random note. Haha!