Hi there!

Unfortunately, this is not an OSTKO release.

Unfortunately too, this is not Michi typing the entry. It’s Shmook here actually. Miss me?? Lol.

Anyway, the reason for my special appearance is because I’m helping Michi to release the chapters from our other series. Michi is a busy girl; she has been hard at work trying to get the chapters of OSTKO out and also being an admin for Keijo Shoujo Scans in addition to her responsibilities in real life. That’s why I decided to help her release the following chapters and also because the chapters are boring into my subconscious mind just by being present in my external HD. I have this insane urge to release them by today so yeah, here goes.

Chapter 2 Download/Read@Batoto

Sumire Syrup
Chapter 4 Download/Read@Batoto
Side Story Download/Read@Batoto

Chapter 2 Download/Read@Batoto
Chapter 3 Download/Read@Batoto
Chapter 4 Download/Read@Batoto

With these releases, Sumire Syrup is complete, Honey will be taken over by Chibi Manga and the rest of the chapters for Color will be released by the end of the month (hopefully!). Also, one more chapter to be released for Sono Rokudenashi ni You ga Aru and then my work is really done here. So I guess you will be seeing another appearance from me pretty soon.

Tata for now and please enjoy reading our releases!