OStKO 25, Last and Final post

Hello my dear friends, readers and fans. Here’s a bittersweet post for you guys.

Firstly, finally got the chapter done. Please enjoy the fruits of our torturous process of scanlating it (Rena makes us all want to slap each other silly.)

Chapter 25: Download / Read@Batoto

It was a revolting chapter, much thanks to Rena, save for the last part where Erika was being so funny lol.

I ran into many problems while trying to push this chapter out.

Firstly, I had 0 motivation to work on it. Just the thought of Rena being such a slut just irritates me to no end. It was a good thing I finished it before I had a glance of Ch 26… Oh boy. Never mind Rena being dumb, Erika’s intellect is falling too.

Next, my trustworthy staff are disappearing… One by one, they’re getting more caught up with school, work, and life, in general.

Thirdly, my course in university turns out to be more stressful than I expected. I was waking up at 5.45am every day, and sleeping at 1 am every night. Never mind the stress; I don’t even have the time. My schedule is slightly better now, though I have to get so much studying done in short amounts of free time…

And that brings me to the “emotional” portion of this post. I will be bidding every one of you a farewell as of today.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons that prove the running of KSS to be more and more challenging, Shmook has informed me that she’s no longer interested in scanlating, and that included not purchasing the monthly Betsuma comics anymore. Never mind if I have to run the whole team myself; I can’t do it without scans. And she’s my best editor ever; I honestly can’t do this without her.

I’d honestly thought I’d be able to stick with this manga till the very end; but it’s getting a little draggy and annoying (at least, Rena is.) to the point I don’t even bother to check for the latest updates anymore. Where are the proper romantic development between Kyouya and Erika? Aren’t there any other way to develop the story apart from introducing increasingly loud and immature characters…?

Anyway, I’d just like to give a big shout out to all those regular readers who give us comments every single time without fail; you have no clue how much it heartens me (and us) to see our work being appreciated. It really motivated me to not give it up, if I could help it.

Anyway, as stated in my final page of the chapter below, Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is now up for adoption by any scanlating team who can get their own raws, and (hopefully) produce scans of such quality.

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji has been my love and obsession (to some extent) for the past year and a half. And for Shmook, who raised it from the very beginning, it was her baby too. We’d really appreciate it if the quality is upheld by the next scanlating team (i.e. no sloppy cleaning/ text over existing words etc); that is our final and only wish for our baby. Just because we stopped scanlating doesn’t mean we (or at least, I) are no longer interested in it. 🙂 I’ll still check back once in a while (if time permits) to update myself on the newest chapters.

Who knows, I might just do summaries/ finally get around to uploading the drama CD translations one day.

It’s really sad to say goodbye, and I’m really bad at it. So, let’s just say, “til we meet again”.

Adios, mi amigos.

Adios, mi amigos.

Cheers to everybody,
Michi (03/2012 – 08/2013)
Keijo Shoujo Scans

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  1. May

     /  August 19, 2013

    Well, thank you, really.
    I hope everything work out for you guys. And thanks for the great job you did until now.

  2. Joanna

     /  August 19, 2013

    Aw, this is so sad. I really loved this series–well, minus the frustrating chapters as of late–and enjoyed reading all of your posts. You are actually the only scanlation site that I’m subscribed to. Well, I understand your reasons, so I am not holding anything against you guys. And yikes! Your schedule sounds horrible! Best of luck and thank you for all of your hard work up till now. ❤

  3. Mina

     /  August 19, 2013

    Aww sad to see you guys go but you did such a wonderful job for each chapter, really the highest quality 🙂 Hope the best for you guys and I hope a scanlation group as good as you guys picks this wonderful series up!
    A follower since chap 11 xxx

  4. Kashmira

     /  August 19, 2013

    OMG!!!! I loved this series 🙂 but I’d like to agree with you on the fact the Rena is an annoying bitch and Erika next in line. I’d still love to read to for Kyouya though. I hope someone picks it up. Thank you so much for all those updates!!!

  5. onewchan

     /  August 19, 2013

    Aww, so sad to see you go, Michi. But, best of luck to everyone with all their real life commitments! Thanks so much for the hardwork you’ve put till now and please know that we really do appreciate all the love and effort you gave for this project and other series as well. I hope a good scanlation group will be picking this up and nurture it with as much affection as you guys did!

  6. anoni

     /  August 20, 2013

    thank you for the hard work you put in this manga. I hope someone pick up this soon, but you do an excellent work so….will be dificult. Thank you, thank you a follower since chap 1 and sorry my english….from argentina with love. Ano chan

  7. Sunya

     /  August 20, 2013

    Quality of scanlating was super good…I 100% support the person/group dropping this manga because Uni life is TOO TOUGH!!..This manga is my favorite manga out of all the 100 of mangas I’d try to keep up with..I dunno why I like it or what’s good about it but I LOVE IT..I wait so impatiently until 13th of every month just to see raws i dun even understand……Regardless too much pressure on one or few ppl…Thank you for ur hard work and good luck with ur grades.

  8. Y

     /  August 20, 2013

    It’s sad to read this but I understand and respect your decision. Scanlating is a lot of work. Thank you for everything up until now, the quality of your scanlations were great!
    Hopefully another scanlation group will pick it up.
    Thank you!

  9. Freya

     /  August 20, 2013

    That’s sad. But hey, everything comes to an end, right? Everyone who enjoyed this series would feel bad hearing this news, yes, but it’s a normal change. Hence, the goodbyes. Anyway, gratitude, for doing it this far– much, much thanks for all the hardwork and time spent for this series.

    Ima made arigatou.

  10. Yanks~

     /  August 20, 2013

    First off – Thanks!

    Actually, despite all the negative reviews this Manga rashly got by a some readers, it is still one of my favourites. In my eyes Kyouya is in some situations rather mature and realistic, at least for a guy his age, than sadistic. As for the latest chapters, I have to agree and yet I was looking forward to them. Anyways, your reasons are understandable and hopefully the quality of the releases will keep the level it had. Again, thanks and goodybe.

  11. MNiya

     /  August 20, 2013

    Aww… It’s really sad to read this but Thank you anyways for having translated the other chapters. I wholeheartedly respect your decision to drop it. School can be tough. Anyways good luck in school! And Thank you for everything up until now! ❤

  12. puff

     /  August 20, 2013

    Thank you for your work on this project! Despite being sad, I can get where you’re coming from. So I hope you all pass and work out all the problems IRL ^^ Thank you again for this wonderful, nerve-wrecking and costy job you’ve done as a team on this and other projects! Cheers!

  13. janelle

     /  August 20, 2013

    ouch 😦 but thank you for all 25 chapters of hard work. they are very much appreciated ♥ good luck on your studies and to your partner as well.

  14. Li-neko

     /  August 20, 2013

    Nooooo. I’m rather upset that you’ve decide to drop this manga and left it at a horrible cliff-hanger . But anyways, thank you for translating this manga all out of goodwill and hopefully another scanalator team takes over asap. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. Take care ♥

  15. Miyuki-chan

     /  August 20, 2013

    Goodbyes are always so heartbreaking but hey, guess what, everyone’s got their own life and issues they have to cope with. I definitely wish you best of luck with your studies and real life. Thank you so much for all the devotion you’ve put in this project. And thank you for taking the time to say goodbye and not just disappearing. I’m gonna miss you guys and your releases so much. Take care!

  16. BNV

     /  August 20, 2013

    It was a fun ride while it last. (;~;) I wanted to read the rest of series when it was complete but to hear that you’re leaving… DAMN. XD Kyouya shall be remembered as one hell of a sadistic prince. XP Sadly, I didn’t like Erika from the beginning but to hear Rena is getting bad character development too is a shame; i liked her.
    Good luck and kick some a$$ on your studies. Also thank you so much for your blood, sweat and in this case your sleeping hours to scanlate this series! I hope too a scanlating group takes your place, and I pray to the Gods that their quality is good as yours and your editor (Shmook). Goodbye and don’t find a companion like Kyouya! Maybe… ;D

  17. It’s too bad that you had to do this, but it happens. Thank you for introducing the series to us. 🙂 Awhile ago somebody e-mailed me asking to pick up the series (I’m from elision-scans) and I was quite surprised to find out about this news. :p We are still thinking if we should pick it up, but just wanted to drop by and say that we appreciate all the hard work you guys have done!

  18. Too bad you’re disbanding, but real life issues have priority, I guess. Anyway, thanks for the manga you brought us!

  19. PC

     /  August 21, 2013

    Aww, that’s too bad, but happens. I’m really grateful that you guys took the time to scanlate this series for us until now. It’s been a whole lot of drama, but it was worth it. Thank you for all your hard work! Gambatte! 🙂

  20. Joestar

     /  August 24, 2013

    I’ve been a fan since KSS’ first release of the OSTKO translations. I think this series is great ad the excitement I felt when waiting for new chapters are feelings I won’t forget. I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU for bringing us this series in English! I wish you all the best in real life 😉

  21. chiyumi

     /  September 2, 2013

    i love kss since the first release of ostko. thank you for everything & good luck on your real life. see you next time!

  22. Thank you for everything you’ve done and I hope we’ll see you again guys.
    A big THANKS and take care of you, KSS !

  23. Neny Kudo

     /  September 4, 2013

    Oh my, it is so sad. I really loved this series, but I do understand the reason…
    really THANKS for the hard work, success for all o you guys!! Ganbatte!!! 😀

  24. Annie

     /  September 8, 2013

    It is sad to hear such news, as I am a fan of OSTKO (and this scanlation group) since you released chapter 1. I really want to thank you (and other staff members) for all the hard work you and they had done from the bottom of my heart. I hope that this manga will be quickly picked up by new group and I hope that they will produce amazing quality scans, as you did.
    Best regards.

  25. love & peace

     /  September 29, 2013

    i felt heartbroken while reading this post ….
    thank u very much for all the time and effort u put into this project..
    Good luck and hope to see u *waves*

  26. Bell

     /  October 11, 2013

    I feel like the author was trying to sort of apologize for introducing Rena (like the part where Rena said in shoujo mangos there is that annoying girl she hates) but still my interest in the manga is being tainted. I love this one so much and you guys have been doing A MAGNIFICENT job on it! Thank you all so much! Until we meet again~

  27. I’m Really grateful and proud of this team because they manage to scan OSTKO ..
    Thank you Very Much for your hardwork!!
    I’m grateful that you realease OSTKO .. so thank you very much!!! (^__^)

  28. Annie

     /  November 4, 2013

    Thank you so much for all your hard work!(: Good luck~


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