OStKO Chapter 21 (yay!) & Announcement regarding other series!

Here’s what you’ve all been bouncing around in your seats for: Chapter 21!


I’ve got like a million and one things to say in this post because of the sudden change in power (lol), so let’s just get to it.

Amazing Kyouya and his glare that gets me so very excited.

How fangirl-worthy is a possessive Kyouya? Extremely.

How fangirl-worthy is a possessive Kyouya? Extremely.

I’d like to point out that this chapter was a three-(wo)man show. Lol. Asahi (HalftoneCircle), Shmookie and I managed to release a chapter with just the three of us. How cool is that!? I figure we’d need all the help we can get though, so if anyone wants to get out of their fangirling corner and help speed up releases (Given that you don’t do a disappearing act on us), we welcome you to drop us an e-mail!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter as much as we did!


In other news, I’ve been playing around with the website design for the past few days. How’s the header and background looking? Any possible feedback or pictures of Kyouya/Erika/Other characters you would like to see are welcome!


Oh, and the following news will be important to anyone who wants to know about the fate of the other series we used to scanlate.

1) Honey will be taken over by Chibi Manga after Chapter 2 is released. We are still working on Chapter 2!

2) Sono Rokudenashi ni You ga Aru will also be taken over by Chibi Manga.

3) Junjou Drop will be DROPPED. Shmook is offering raws to any team who would like to pick up this series. PLEASE DROP US AN E-MAIL IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

4) Sumire Syrup and Color will be released till the very end by us, Keijo Shoujo Scans. No promises, but we’ll try to get everything out by this month.


Well, that should be all for now. Thank Shmook for the super duper fast cleaning and editing as a gift for me for my surprisingly good results in my exams. (LOL Shmook is like my mommy! :D) And Asahi is fantastically quick and sharp in all the QC/PR she did. Amazing team, seriously.

Fingers crossed, I hope we get a romantic development between the two protagonists in this month’s chapter.

Until next time!

P.S. Forgive me if I made any mistake along the way, because I was rushing to get this up before I head to bed and prepare for a busy week ahead. 🙂 Tata.