As promised on a Tweet a few days ago, here’s Chapter 12 of Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji >Download<

The next chapter will be out in a few days time in Japan. I will only get the magazine a few days after that. Please give us some time (a month!) to scanlate the next chapter of OSTKO. We are not magical creatures, y’know. We have other things to attend to in real life. Oh and word has it that Chapter 13 will be delayed cause Michi, the translator has exams, yo. So uhh…be patient k? Follow us (@keijoshoujoscans) on Twitter though. Who knows? I might drop a hint or two about the upcoming chapter. Better yet, follow me at @shumukku (it’s a private account). I’ll DEFINITELY drop a LOT of spoilers about OSTKO Chapter 13. That is a blatant self-promotion of my Twitter account. Warning – If you do follow me on Twitter, you are subjected to spontaneous ramblings of things unrelated to OSTKO though. There. Warned you all already. Don’t say I never warned you =D

That’s it. Till we meet again. Enjoy!