OSTKO Chapter 10 and Sumire Syrup Chapter 02


So how do you guys like the cliffhanger for OSTKO? 😉 I really have a great time reading OSTKO being discussed on the forums and also how some BL fans are rooting for Kyouya-Kusakabe ship. Heh. That ‘s not gonna happen but it’s a nice imagination though. Gives a WHOLE NEW idea to to the term S&M with you-know-who being the ‘S’ and you know-who-being the ‘M’.  Maybe throw in some bondage play plus handcuffs and whip. Ok, Shmook’s imagination going wild. Stop it, eh. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy reading Chapter 10 as much as I did. Kyouya gets his comeuppance for what he did to Erika. Go Erika! *A*

I’m supposed to release Chapter 1 of Atashi No Banbi today. Well sometimes the best made plan does not go according to plan. That’s life, babe. So in its stead is Sumire Syrup Chapter 2.

Download links are up above as usual. Enjoy!