Time for a new release!

Hello everybody,

In case some of you might be thinking that I am going to be releasing the next chapter of Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, I’m not. I am so sorry m_ _m I am trying to get my hands on the tanks cause the image quality is much better but just to let you have a general idea about the progress, Chapter 4 is currently being typesetted while Chapter 5 has been translated. So yeah, the chapters will come out in due time 😉

  • Sumire Syrup Chapter 1 –  New series. I have a warm fuzzy feeling after reading this chapter. The indecisive Sumire meets Kei who is quite acid-tongue…or is he someone who is just straightforward and who actually means well?

I need a translator for this! It’s such a cute story and to drop this now will be such a waste soooo, if there is anyone out there who is willing to commit to translate the next 3 chapters for this series, please drop me an email (Cause this series has only 4 chapters altogether.) A short series. So help?  I may also need a translator for Atashi no Banbi which has only four chapters as well. Short-term translators, I NEED YOU!!!


Download link can be found above. Thank you and I hope you’ll have a good week ahead!