The name of the manga that I used for the recruitment page…

So I used this image as the recruitment page in Chapter 1 of Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji.

That bishie caught your eyes, right?? Heh that was actually my intention XD Anyway I have been getting a few emails regarding this so just to answer your burning question, it’s taken from this manga called Double Baby (Daburu Beibi) by Fujio Nami. The story goes something like this – our heroine saw a little boy calling the coolest guy in her class, “To-chan” (short for Otou-san or Father in Japanese) and somehow or the other, she grew attached to the boy so that cool guy asked her to babysit the boy and the heroine found that babysitting is quite fun and she also grew to like the cool guy.

No group has picked up this series yet though.

Ok I hope I have answered your question. Have a good weekend or what’s left of it ^^